Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Terms of Service

1) About us

We are a property portal that takes out the clutter and helps you find quality advertisements.

iPropertyBook is a different approach to advertising real estate online. We help you to get the right audience for your property listing. On iPropertyBook you get proper advertisement space on the web unlike current property portals that charge you a premium for a small logo placement. Set up advertisements for each construction project along with photographs to market your project. Define a price range and a category for your listing. We promote your advertisement on leading social networks, blogs and print media. Our detailed reporting features helps you keep track of user visits, contact requests for each advertisement.

  • Premium web-space for each project listing.
  • Proper visuals without overcrowding and overbooking of listings.
  • Upload upto 5 photographs for each advertisement for regular and premium advertisements.
  • Showcase a video walkthrough for your project.
  • Clear differentiation between Project listings and listings by real-estate agents.
  • It's like having an online brochure for your projects.
  • Support for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, Playbook and web enabled mobile devices.
  • Easy to use interface for users searching for property online.
  • Get email from prospective buyers.
  • Realtime analytics to keep track of visitors for each listing.
  • Automatic listing on social networks, real-estate blogs, twitter.

2) Privacy policy and terms of use

1. Your contact details are kept private and only shared with the builders/agents/individuals whose listing you are interested in.

2. iPropertyBook may have third party advertisements on your pages. Links to these are not governed or controlled by iPropertyBook. If the user wishes to view these advertisements, they shall do so at their own risk, subject to that site's terms and conditions of use and privacy policy that may be different from those of this site. It is there by users responsibility to guard against cyber-threats involved from the advertisements placed.

3.Your viewing experience is enhanced with the use cookies, by viewing this site you understand and allow the use of cookies to track your interactions with us.

4. We check the information accuracy of listing provided by you before it is visible for prospective buyers.

3) Listing policies

1. Images uploaded at iPropertyBook

By uploading , you certify that
    a.You have the right to distribute this image and that it is not pornographic.
    b.You will not provide your contact information visible in your images.
    c.Your images will not contain any watermarks.
    d.Your logos will be of dimensions 200x50 pixels and listing images of size 747x504 pixels.

2. Listing uploaded at iPropertyBook

At iPropertyBook you can either post a free listing or a paid listing.

Free Listing-
    You can post a listing of your property free of cost for a limited period of time.
    iPropertyBook may have third party advertisements on your page.

Regular Listing-
You can choose to be more visible and have a paid listing with iPropertyBook and enjoy multiple benefits.
    a.Share listing on social networks
    b.Post your listing higher on the page:
      You can choose your listing to be as Urgent, On top of the page, both Urgent and On top of page, or as Regular.

3. Genuine details

Upon posting a listing or contacting concerned party you assure that the details mentioned implicitly or explicitly are real.
You also assure that you are either the owner of the property listed or have complete authority from its concerned owners upon posting a listing.

4. Single Listing Single Property/Project

iPropertyBook is a property portal and thus we firmly believe that each listing advertisement should specify the details of a single property/project.

4) Payments at iPropertyBook

We use a Third Party Payment Gateway -PayUMoney to handle all our payments at iPropertyBook. To view the terms and conditions involved with respect to your payments at iPropertyBook, kindly check PayUMoney terms and conditions.

  • All product and company names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

  • Links to external websites are subjected to change depending on their functioning. iPropertyBook cannot assure the availability of the links mentioned on this page on event of it being changed by the respective website.

5) Disclaimer

iSoftwareFactory is only an intermediary company offering its advertising platform ‘iPropertyBook’ to facilitate the transactions between Seller and Customer/Buyer/Users and is not and cannot be a party to or control in any manner any transactions between the Seller and the Customer/Buyer/Users.

iSoftwareFactory shall neither be responsible nor liable to mediate or resolve any disputes or disagreements between the Customers/Buyer/Users and the Vendors. Both Seller and Customer/Buyer/Users shall settle all such disputes without involving iSoftwareFactory in any manner.

We may change our policies at any point of time, changes may or may not have notifications for the same.

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