Towards a new trend: Studio Apartments

The present availability of residential land per person in Mumbai in 2013 was 8.3 Sq M. that is about 1/8 of what is available in any rural area in the Maharashtra itself. Due to rapid urbanization in the country like India the residential area per person is shrinking quicker than what could have been imagined by the policymakers. This is the one of the reasons if not the only reason that the concept which was limited to western countries has slowly picked up pace in the Indian Real Estate Scenario as well. Studio Apartment comprises of a single large room which performs various functions of living room-cum-dining area-cum-bedroom. The main difference lies in the act that it’s not like a traditional space where one has different rooms for different purposes. So the home buyers need to know the pros and cons of this before buying their dream home. As far as renting up of the Studio Apartments as the concept is still new to India, there are not much properties built based on this style.

Advantages of Studio Apartments

  1. The cost of buying a studio apartment would be less because it is built in less space and built in area eventually would also be less, Also the utility bills and minimum furnishings would ensure that the burden on pocket is low, upkeep of the apartment can also be hassle free. So, for middle class families in urban cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc. can go for this.
  2. It imbibes the concept of Smart living which optimizes the available space with innovative room partitions and similar space utilization strategies.
  3. This type of space can be ideal for working professionals, Students and Retired Individuals or for anyone who can live in an organized space which is clutter free and open to idea being able to see the kitchen from your bed.

Disadvantages of Studio Apartments.

  1. As we mentioned above this is an apartment which has no rooms just smart partitions to make it organized and serve various purposes, So someone who is accustomed to having different rooms for everything may find it tough to manage.
  2. There is not much space to maneuver and one can feel stifled because of that as the whole concept of Studio Apartments is based on less living space but a astounding utilization of the same.
  3. As the space in the apartment is less the people living in it would have to adopt clutter free approach and keeping things which would be really necessary, this would mean that nothing which isn’t required can be kept in the apartment.

So, keeping in mind all the factors mentioned above the home buyers in India need to have an open mind while deciding upon their next home weighing in the factors mentioned above and if they find it suitable they can go for a studio apartment instead of traditional home and can save a beating on their pocket which suits the purpose in such high inflation times.

Sakshi Saran is based out of Noida & has studied Business Law, LLM-Master of Laws from Year 2014-2015 in AU-Amity University, Amity University.

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