Hakku Patra

Hakku Patra is the title deed to a plot of land, which establishes ownership. It is issued by the Karnataka government to the beneficiaries of housing benefit schemes. The land on which the Hakku Patra is issued, is usually Government-owned land and there are some conditions attached to it. Some of the conditions, being illustrative only not exhaustive, are given below:-

  1. The Hakku Patra is issued to persons of underprivileged sections of the society, such as the poor and slum-dwellers . For instance, under the Ambedkar Rural Housing Scheme, housing grant of Rs 20,000 was made available to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Under the terms of the scheme, the Hakku Patra would not be issued till the beneficiaries had resided on the site for 15 years. During the first 15 years after the construction of a house, the beneficiaries would only enjoy the right of possession; ownership would be granted only after the stipulated time period of 15 years had lapsed.
  2. One of the conditions of the Hakku Patra is that it is to be issued in the name of a woman, except in the case of widowers, unmarried men, disabled men and members of the armed services.
  3. Under normal circumstances (such as those not covered by schemes like the aforementioned Ambedkar Rural Housing Scheme) the site cannot be pledged or transferred by the beneficiary for 20 years after receipt.
  4. The beneficiary can get a house constructed on the site by pledging to the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation/Karnataka Housing Board or any other nationalized bank.
  5. Any house constructed on Hakku Patra land must be used for the beneficiary’s residence and should not be rented out.
  6. The registration of the Hakku Patra is free of cost to the beneficiary.

The issuance of Hakku Patra is tied up with a number of Government schemes, as well as bound by many conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the help of a competent property lawyer, when it comes to transactions of Hakku Patra plots, whether it is a question of inheritance or buying/selling of the plot. It is always better to be safe, than sorry.



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  1. anthara says:

    Hi good artical. Is there any kandaya (tax) should be payed for it in case of paying the tax where to pay and who will fix the tax for it

    Thanks and Regards

  2. M.Prabhakaran says:

    Dear Sir,
    We the people of Sonnanahalli, in Bangalore, Vannarpet Ward No-115. Residing in this Locality more than 60 years, the third Generation person is mailing you.
    We have not received the Hakku Patra / Pocession Certificate till date (06.04.2014).
    More number of Corporators / MLA’s have been elected and come. Wherein No body have taken initiative to issue Hakku Patra to us. A Kind request to whomsoever it may concern. Kindly take some steps or provide solution through mail id or can call and updated. The Way to obtain the Hakku Patra. If anybody purposely blocked from issuing, do requested on behalf of locality people to issue the Hakku Patra. Your’s Sincerely – M.Prabhakaran@Sonnanahalli, Bangalore-47. M: 9845472302.

  3. Shafeeq says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have Purchased Land in Kolihal Bewoor Panchayath Koppal District. for buid Home in 1982 we have agreement document and also we did build a won hose in our land which was we purchased land. now the problem is we didn’t get our Hakku Patra may be it is issued or not i don’t no the Land agreement is with my Father’s Name. but now how can i get our Hakku Patra please in form
    Shafeeq email: kmshafeeqco@gmail.com mobile number- +91 9980501362 / +91 9591208486

    your’s faith fully

  4. We have got a land in govt scheme Indira yojana as janta plots but the hakk patra has got burned as well as our house and it comes under panchyet area how I can get the another copy of hakk patra now we residing at same place from 33 years

  5. Hi Sir,
    I am trying to buy a property in bangalore which has main document as hakku patra. Terms says 15 years owner should not sell the property. It is a gifted property by the government to the previous owner. Hakku Patra got registered on 1994, First owner sold this property to current owner on 2004 (15 years is not completed on 2004(First owner to current owner registration year)). Now current owner is planning to sell this property with help of first owner (to whom the government has gifted the property). First owner also agreed to help on this sell. Is it possible to buy this property? If yes what is the processor to buy this property?

    your’s faith fully

  6. Karthik R says:

    I have purchased an hakku Patra Site in lakshmipura Village . Please let me know that wheather Im in huge risk ??

  7. How to sell government given free site after 40 years in shimoga

  8. Dear sir.. My father has a property in hakku patra ..it has total 9cents..and my question is. Shall I built a house in 20*30 separate. And shall I apply for another hakku patra. Witch for my name.

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