Towards a new trend: Studio Apartments

The present availability of residential land per person in Mumbai in 2013 was 8.3 Sq M. that is about 1/8 of what is available in any rural area in the Maharashtra itself. Due to rapid urbanization in the country like India the residential area per person is shrinking quicker than what could have been imagined [...]

Demonetization: How will it effect real estate

In a rather surprising move which almost caught everyone unawares, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016 made a surprising and abrupt move of demonetizing the Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- notes with immediate effect. This massive step of demonetization of currency by the govt has given a huge blow to a number of [...]

Important legal tips when buying an immovable property – House, Plot (Land)

Important aspects to be considered, including searches to be made and documents perused before BUYING an immovable property in India:- Ascertain creditworthiness, past performance and reputation of the developer. Ascertain ownership of the land, ideally the land is freehold and developer is it’s owner. If it is leasehold the term of unexpired lease is long. [...]


Earthquake Resistant Norms


Low lying buildings get water logged during rains

Low lying buildings get water logged during rains


Tip #7 – When dealing brokers ensure payments to onwer

  When dealing property with a broker do ensure your payment reaches the owner of the flat.


Tip#6 Check whether parking space is available.

Check whether adequate parking space is available.


Tip#5 Check location’s viability for living essentials

  While buying property the check location’s viability for living essentials i.e. School, College, Hospital, Grocery store, Public Transport etc. should be nearby.


Tip #4 – Consult good “Lawyer” for legal requirements

Buyers who are not aware of the legal requirements must consult a good “Lawyer” before buying a property.


Tip #3. While buying resale flat check bills

While buying a resale flat ensure to check whether the electricity, maintenance and other bills are duly paid by the seller/previous owner. That is, there should be no arrears pending from by the previous owner.