Blanket loan and blanket mortgage

When charge, in the form of mortgage, is created on two or more property(ies) or a basket containing several properties then such mortgage is called “Blanket Mortgage”. Though this type of mortgage and lending against this type of mortgage is not very popular but nonetheless it is advantageous to the borrower and the lender. Persons [...]

Looking back & forward for real estate sector

Looking back, the year 2013 was a watershed year for the real estate sector in more than one ways. Weakness in the Indian currency, slow income growth, high inflation and high borrowing rates made the consumer (property buyer) hesitant in committing to fresh investments and the Indian consumer confidence continued to be shaky. Slow economic [...]

Potential of real estate sector in West Bengal

During the last decade construction and real estate services sector have contributed significantly to the “Gross Domestic Product (GDP)” of India. Urbanisation is taking strides with metros witnessing evolution of skyscrapers with architectural splendors whereas the smaller towns are witnessing transmutation through expansion of roads, flyovers and other infrastructural developments. Just like other states, West [...]

Land pooling policy by DDA in NCR

Acquisition of land has always been a thorny issue, some times escalating into ugly tussles between the land owners and state Governments. In the recent past the stand off between Tatas and West Bengal Government resulting in shifting of Nano car project out of the state is the glaring example. Several similar incidents have been [...]