Shocks of liquidity and weak sales in realty sector

Real estate sector has witnessed rapid development in the last decade and presently enjoys the status of an industry in India. More than 70 million people are directly employed in this sector / industry. Majority of this employment is for labour and construction workers, 7- 8% are engaged as office staff. However, since last more [...]

Joint development agreement

Most important requirements for real estate business are land and money, which may be vested with two different entities. The Joint Development Agreement bridges the gap, brings them together, and the combination finally caters to the need of the end user “the buyer of the property”. This agreement enables the developer(s) to invest for development [...]

Distress sale of immovable property

In normal sale and purchase the price is determined by numerous factors but “demand & supply” has the maximum influence on the pricing mechanism. Buyers and sellers both have lot of options and sufficient time to opt for the best deal and they go for bargain hunting, price negotiation, locational choice etc. Distress sale is [...]

Some important terms used in real estate dealings

Rajesh decided to buy a residential flat and started hunting for a suitable property. In the course of discussions with real estate agents he heard certain terms which were new to him and he had to take help of his friends to understand the meaning and implications thereof. This article is intended to acquaint such [...]