Licence, lease and easement

License:- As defined in section 52 of the Indian Easements Act, 1882 “license” is a right granted to a person by the owner of the property, to do or continue to do lawful activities in his property, without creating any interest in the property. It is a mere permission to occupy, enjoy the benefit of [...]

Favorable business destinations in india

Global initiative for Restructuring Environment and Management (GIREM) and DTZ a property services company recently conducted a survey to find out favorable business destinations in the country and Bangalore scored over all other places as the most sought after business destination. Altogether 21 business centers were surveyed and Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Pune were [...]

Participating broker

In real estate transactions the builders / developers have their own brokers who are registered or empanelled with them and render the services of a broker to sell their property. Well known, established, reputed and big developers have multiple brokers associated with them. Similarly buyers also avail the services of brokers to locate desired property [...]

Registration of sale agreement in Odisha

As per the Indian Stamp (Orissa Amendment) Act, 2001, as amended in 2003, an agreement to sell immovable property or power of attorney shall be deemed to be a sale transaction and will be subject to payment of stamp duty at the rate of seven per cent. Though this act was there but was not [...]

Law to protect missionary property

It is alleged that in Andhra Pradesh the high officials of the Christian missionaries have illegally and unauthorisedly sold / leased out missionary properties belonging to various churches, to private, non-missionary management. More than 50 properties in and around the city of Hyderabad and its outskirts, are currently in litigation with individual church members and [...]