Festival season offers by builders

The real estate scenario is not as sparkling as it appears to be from the developers’/ builders’ perspective. There are few buyers of the properties and it has not taken off as expected by them. According to a property research firm- Liases Foras, about six lakh completed homes are lying unsold around India. Still new [...]

Loss or destruction of Title document of immovable property

Title Documents:- Original Sale deed duly executed and signed by both the parties (seller and buyer) is submitted to the office of the Registrar/Sub registrar for registration of the same. After registration the sale deed, with due notings pertaining to the registration, is handed over to the buyer. This is the original “Documents to title”, [...]


Earthquake Resistant Norms

Sale of property by general power of attorney in Delhi

Based on a Supreme Court judgment in October, 2011, Revenue department of Delhi Government had stopped, by a circular in April, 2012, registration of property on the basis of General Power of Attorney. The said ban imposed on registration of property based on GPA has very recently, to be precise in the month of July, [...]