Towards a new trend: Studio Apartments

The present availability of residential land per person in Mumbai in 2013 was 8.3 Sq M. that is about 1/8 of what is available in any rural area in the Maharashtra itself. Due to rapid urbanization in the country like India the residential area per person is shrinking quicker than what could have been imagined [...]

Demonetization: How will it effect real estate

In a rather surprising move which almost caught everyone unawares, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016 made a surprising and abrupt move of demonetizing the Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/- notes with immediate effect. This massive step of demonetization of currency by the govt has given a huge blow to a number of [...]

Deemed Conveyance – Maharashtra Ownership Flats Act, 1963

What is “Deemed Conveyance” – For proper understanding of “deemed conveyance” we need to analyze the two words separately. Literal meaning of “Deemed” is “to believe / to consider” and is slightly different from “actual / true”. Conveyance means to transfer ownership right and / or interest in fixed (immovable asset). Now these two words [...]

These Documents Enough?

Document checklist before buying a Property – To Avoid Mouse Trap

“Just how many legal issues should I keep in mind before buying an immovable property in India?” “My aunt talks about encroachment.” “My best friend claims he was duped into buying a farm house with a fake title deed.” This article is written, keeping in mind all of those people who are struggling with similar [...]

Licensee Defined

The word “Licensee” can be defined as a person who is in occupation of the premises or such part, as the case may be, under a subsisting agreement for license given for a license fee or charges. As per the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 1999 “Licensee” includes any person in such occupation of any premises [...]

Tenant & Deemed Tenant

Tenant means any person by whom or on whose account rent is payable for any premises and includes, such person, who is a tenant, or who is a deemed tenant, or who is a sub-tenant as permitted under a contract or by the permission or consent of the landlord, or who has derived title under [...]

Will writing related to property

Will is a document by which a living person bequeaths his property to other persons after his death. Whatever your age, if you’ve assets eg, a house, savings, or a business, and people or others you’d like to look after, consider making a will. While thinking, talking and planning for death may feel uncomfortable, you [...]

What is the difference in property, interest in property and immovable property?

The definition in section 205, Law of Property Act 1925, is “Property includes anything in action and any interest in real and personal property. “Property is not only a thing which is the subject matter of ownership but includes also dominion or the right of ownership or of partial ownership, and as Lord Langdale said, [...]

Selling Trust Property & Section 36 in Maharashtra Public Trust Act

Selling Trust Property & Section 36 in Maharashtra Public Trust Act

The person who gives land or building to public trust intends that such property should be used for the benefit or interest of the public trust forever. The Trustees sometimes unauthorized sell such trust property or give on long lease to persons either relatives or to interested persons because of the wide powers in the [...]

Important legal tips when buying an immovable property – House, Plot (Land)

Important aspects to be considered, including searches to be made and documents perused before BUYING an immovable property in India:- Ascertain creditworthiness, past performance and reputation of the developer. Ascertain ownership of the land, ideally the land is freehold and developer is it’s owner. If it is leasehold the term of unexpired lease is long. [...]